The Bamber Valley-Purdue Collaboration

Total School Cluster Grouping (TSCG) and Differentiation Model

Dr. Marcia Gentry, Dr. Matt Fugate, and Purdue University were awarded a $3.2 million-dollar Javits grant to implement Total School Cluster Grouping and Differentiation in 100 schools across America.  In spring of 2015, the Rochester Public School Board approved Bamber Valley and the Office of Gifted Services to enter into collaboration with Purdue.  A parent information and question/answer meeting was held in May of 2015.

Professional development provided by Purdue instructors and online resources began in April of 2016 and will continue throughout the five years of the collaboration and beyond. The Principal and Principal on Special Assignment for Gifted Services, will provide ongoing training at staff meetings throughout the years.  Teachers will practice what they learn in their classrooms.

Diverse grouping of students in elementary school working on desks
A student thinking deeply about his assignment, pencil in hand.